Remove standing water. If you have bird baths, replace the old water once a week. For other areas of standing water, fill them in with dirt or seek professional help from a landscaping company.

Wear bug repellent. When you are outside, have bug spray for yourself and your children. There are several very effective over-the-counter products available. Also, many people like to have citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away.

Remove unwanted vegetation or trash. Make sure you clear out any vegetation or trash that could attract ants, flies, bees or mosquitoes to your home. In addition, keep countertops and tables clean and free of crumbs to prevent unwanted pests from invading your space.
Update your screens. If you have a garden room or other screened-in outdoor living area, make sure that there aren’t any holes in your current screens. You probably want to check that the mesh is at least 18×18 strands per square inch. Most of all, keep your home’s windows and doors shut so that insects won’t come inside your house.

Contact a professional pest control company. For comprehensive pest prevention, you may want to call your local exterminator. From spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, bees and ants, an expert exterminator can eliminate pests from your home and property for your peace of mind.

Don’t let bugs ruin your outdoor summer fun! When you guard your home and family from uninvited summer pests, you’ll enjoy your outside time more and create marvelous memories.

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