Whether your problem is large or small, we have a solution. From Monthly-Quarterly pest control service, we service residential and commercial properties. We offer both liquid and bait systems for termite protection or to fix your termite infestation. Our professionals will provide you with a thorough inspection and exceptional service.

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Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bugs likely get their name from their habit of feeding on humans while they sleep in their beds. They are found in virtually every place people tend to gather, including residences, hotels, schools, offices, retail stores and even public transportation. If you do identify bed bugs in your home, contact us promptly. We can inspect your home, confirm the species and recommend a course of bed bug treatment.

Termite Pest Control

The best method of termite control is to avoid water accumulation near the foundation of the home. Prevent termite access by diverting water away with properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the home, and keep mulch at least 15 inches from the foundation. Indoors, homeowners should reduce humidity through proper ventilation of crawl spaces, attics and basements to avoid attracting termite swarms.

Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches have been long despised by homeowners due to their creepy appearance. Cockroach pest control and management are important for health and safety reasons, because cockroaches are known to cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma attacks, especially in children. They also spread nearly 33 kinds of bacteria including E. coli and Salmonella. Contact us to learn more about Cockroach prevention and extermination.

Rodent Pest Control

The house mouse is the most common rodent pest in most parts of the world. It can breed rapidly and adapt quickly to changing conditions. In fact, a female house mouse can give birth to a half dozen babies every three weeks, and can produce up to 35 young per year.

Mosquitoes Pest Control

Mosquitoes are vectors of numerous diseases including malaria, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis, Chikungunya, West Nile virus and Zika – the newest mosquito-borne disease of growing concern. Wearing an insect repellent containing DEET or another EPA-registered ingredient is the best way to prevent mosquito bites. It’s also important to take steps to prevent mosquito breeding grounds around your home, since mosquitoes can lay eggs in as little as a half an inch of water. If you are concerned about mosquito control on your property, please contact us today.

Fly Pest Control

House flies get their name from being the most common fly found around homes. Adult house flies can grow to one-quarter of an inch long and usually live between 15 and 25 days.


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